Friday, June 21, 2013

FL - State attorney questions bra-shaking police (Dustin Fetz) search

Dustin Fetz
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This officer should be fired, charged with sexual harassment, and then on the sex offender registry for life like I'm sure many others in the state would be if they did the same thing. Folks, NEVER consent to a search, even if you are innocent.


By Ken Suarez

LAKELAND (FOX 13) - The Polk state attorney sent a highly critical letter to Lakeland Police Chief Lisa Womack after a young police officer asked a woman to shake out her bra, twice, during a traffic stop.

It started as a traffic stop, but Officer Dustin Fetz asked her to shake out her bra so he could see if she was hiding any drugs. After shaking it once, he asked her to do it again.

Dash-cam video released Thursday showed the incident, which State Attorney Jerry Hill called "highly questionable" and "demeaning." He said Chief Womack should be "alarmed" about deficiencies in training and supervision of traffic stops.

Distraught victim
No drugs were found in the woman's bra, at which time the officer also asked to search her car -- a request the woman denied.

Chief Womack issued a statement this afternoon promising a full investigation.

"This department does not condone the alleged actions as have been reported in recent days and any officer proven to be involved in this type behavior will be dealt with accordingly, including possible termination," the statement said.

Officer Fetz has been put on administrative leave with pay for four days.

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