Wednesday, June 26, 2013

FL - Father of slain girl wants stricter laws against repeat sex offenders

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I think everybody feels sad for the loss of this child, but lets not forget the fact that child porn was found on Mark's computer when Jessica went missing and that his own son in Ohio (Joshua) molested a child, but got a slap on the wrist. Never let a good crisis go to waste, as one man once said.


Mark Lunsford feels pain of Cherish Perrywinkle's family

By Ashley Harding

JACKSONVILLE - Mark Lunsford knows what it's like to lose a child to a sex offender. He helped push for stricter monitoring laws after his daughter, Jessica, was kidnapped and killed by a known offender in 2005.

He is outraged to learn that the man accused of killing 8-year-old Cherish Perrywinkle is another longtime sex offender.

"This guy apparently wasted no time in laughing in the face of law enforcement and legislators," Lunsford said. "I can feel every ounce of pain that her parents are feeling. It tears me up inside to know that another child has been senselessly murdered."

Cherish's body was found in a wooded area Saturday morning. Donald Smith was arrested and charged with murder. He has a long history of crimes against children and had gotten out of jail just three weeks before.

Ann Dugger, of the Justice Coalition, says the current laws are good ones, but she says dangerous offenders like Smith need to stay behind bars.

"If they're off the street, absolutely, they don't need to be around society," Dugger said. "They don't need to be around children. They don't need to be around their prey."
- Not all ex-sex offenders harm children.  Those who do are the minority.

Lunsford said if repeat offenders are released from prison, there should be better ways to track their movements. He said lawmakers should make protecting kids their top priority.
- How do you expect to track them Mr. Lunsford?  Will you volunteer to be their permanent chaperon?

"We've got to come to some kind of solution for these children so they're not victims," Lunsford said. "Parents need to be educated. Law enforcement needs tools. Prosecutors need laws. Legislators, what do you need? Another child to be murdered?"
- No matter how many laws you put on the books, things like this will always happen!  You need to come back to reality and get off Fantasy Island!

Jessica Lunsford's killer, John Couey, was sentenced to death for her murder but later died in prison.
- Any person who murders another human being, child or not, should be in prison until the day they die!

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Mark said...

"- No matter how many laws you put on the books, things like this will always happen! You need to come back to reality and get off Fantasy Island." And as always, here we have the time for politicians to shine like the sun! When will all state legislators REALIZE that passing more laws will never curtail, stop, halt, slow down human behavior and all these stupid laws are band-aids and "after-the-fact" pretend remedies to moral, spiritual problems.

Loneranger said...

It's fine we need as many laws as possible to fill the overcrowded prison system as we need more jobs. Only problem with this program is the state and federal governments are if not already going broke supporting programs promoted by people like Mark and others that are making a living off this they are getting there. When all the well intended laws are so overwhelming to the budgets of each and every state then and only then someone might say enough. Sorry and I mean that sorry about your loss but time to go on. The spin they place on these crimes as somehow they happen all the time is not only misleading it is insane. We don't want things like this to happen but need to except the fact that out of three hundred million people you will always have someone that will do things like this. People that have never been caught for anything sexual in their lives but for some reason they commit an act that catches the media's attention. we should be aware that this could happen. However no matter how many laws you create to control sex offenders there will always be the ones that will commit these types of crimes be they registered or not. So do we continue to beat a dead horse or except the fact that at some point this will happen with 300 million chances that it could happen any day at any time. The problem is made to look as if the only ones that rape and kill children are the ones already registered as a sex offender and to make it sound like this is where the problem is. Frankly if Mark was correct and every sex offender was a potential killer we would have a real problem. However this is not the case but he wants it to be and him be a hero. Tough and hard core against sex offenders. Really this is no more than a prison mentality as you will find this same method in the prison system and really it's just a way to divert attention away from other activities going on behind bars. Manipulation of the system for profit. One has to wonder what other things Mark might be involved with himself. But that type of information isn't useful as the war on sex rages and the war on drugs has been lost. Given the fact that the war on drugs has imprisoned as many as the war on sex over the last two decades of course the tide and trends will change. Now a drug addict doesn't look so bad if we compare them with a sex offender. We are willing to allow a drug offender to go free quicker than someone that had sex with his underaged girlfriend. systematically filling the prisons with sex offenders as a result of feel good laws. If you don't have the beds for drug offenders as they are filled with sex offenders we let the drug offenders go on with offending. Just another method used to win the war on drugs. But who won?
I know that when you have a gang of motorcycle riders as in organized criminals you have drugs and underage sex with in it's ranks. Really this does happen. However they go after sex offenders to distract from their activities. How many other crimes do these people commit but try as Mark does to make themselves look like hero's? It's like see what we do isn't so bad as we are not registered sex offenders. Not that we have not committed sex crimes and drug crimes or violent acts but we are not registered sex offenders so we must be the good guys. Really?

tom said...

WTF? I thought Mark Lunsford Pushed through a LAW that was supposed to fix all this. I mean the way he went off about his Jessica law he made it sound as if we only had Jessica's law my daughter would still be alive. Well? Come on there Mark what about it? Why didn't YOU LAW prevent this CHILD from being killed? Come on tell us all why Mark. Why is it the victims always want to make a new law and we have to pay for the crimes of others? Just when do you think they will wake up and see this is wrong all there laws are WRONG and NONE of them work and only serve to victimize OTHERS! Hate laws made out of anger and sorrow designed to punish for LIFE?! Hey Mark Jessica's LAW failed you have soiled the memory of your dead daughter and have ruined countless lives in your quest for vengeance! We have to stop people like this from being able to MAKE laws! TO lobby for laws or participated in any way in making any law. Sorry but this is just how I feel and how I think it needs to be. Mark and Class are nothing but revenge seekers, They are filled with Hate and blinded by anger, They are 2 of the worst humans on this planet yes they are! They are in my eye's lower than ANY sex offender on this planet. I hope there is never any peace in there lives I hope there pain takes them to there death bed. For the pain the torment the anguish and humiliation I have endured and still have to endure because of what SOME ONE ELSE DID TO YOUR KID!

P.S. I have talked to Mark Lunsford in the past he is one sick hate filled maggot. He really is and His hate his utter evilness is eating at him every day! He has been consumed by a desire to inflict suffering upon every one he can that has the sex offender lable and he has made it his LIFE'S Mission to continue to make and pass laws that do nothing but add more suffering onto any one that takes a pee in a park! He is out of control he is mad borderline psychotic with rage disorder. He does what every sex offender does, He makes others his victim! And he has NO Remorse at all. I guess that it what makes him the worst of the worst to me.