Wednesday, June 26, 2013

DE - Dover Struggles Over Sex Offender Ordinance

David Bonar
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The battle over where [name withheld] a convicted sex offender can live in the city of Dover has the town council struggling with an ordinance that would force him out of his home.

[name withheld] lives within 500 feet of a daycare center but has been fighting a year-long battle with the city leaders to keep them from kicking him out of his home.

And he has gotten support from the American Civil Liberties Union of Delaware who has filed a lawsuit on his behalf.

So, council president David Bonar says he is comfortable in grandfathering in two people specifically affected by the ordinance.

Kathleen MacRae, executive director of the ACLU of Delaware told WBOC, that the original ordinance was dangerous because it would drive registered sex offenders underground separating them from their family as well as their support system including counselors and work.

But Dover resident Julie Foster told the television station that she was terrified and said her grandchildren and neighbors’ kids do not feel safe.

City Police said [name withheld] is one of 253 registered sex offenders who live in the area.

And Chief James Hosfelt said he believes his officers can keep the public safe.

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Daver said...

So If the ordinance is targeted at 1 Guy and he will be grandfathered in what's the point!