Tuesday, June 4, 2013

CANADA - Canadian Boy, 14, Charged With Child Porn After Making Sex Tape With 15-Year-Old

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By Evan Bleier

Canadian police are charging a 14-year-old boy with child pornography after he allegedly videotaped himself having sex with a 15-year-old girl and then posted it online.

The video was posted on a social media site back In April after a party, Const. Pierre Bourdages said. “This is very unusual,” Bourdages said. “It’s not something we’ve seen lately. It’s very troubling.”

According to Bourdages, the sex was consensual, but posting the video on the Internet was not. Bourdages wouldn’t comment on the status of the relationship between the two teens.

It’s unclear how many people saw the video. "The video was taken down very quickly by the social media site," said Bourdages. "The Internet being what it is, we know that the video was deleted from the social media site, but we will never be sure that that video is not somewhere else."

Criminal law and social media experts say that police and prosecutors may be trying to send a strong signal that the victimization of young women via the Internet is unacceptable, The National Post reported.
- What about victimization of young men?  Sex crimes are not just a male only crime!

Robert Currie, a professor of law at Dalhousie University in Halifax, said police have opted to issue warnings instead of bringing charges after these types of incidents in the past. “What this might indicate is we have more willingness to charge,” he said. “The perspective police had been taking up to this point was to try to educate.”

The boy is scheduled to appear youth court on June 20 on charges of possessing, making and distributing child pornography. The names of the teens have not been released because of the Youth Criminal Justice Act.


NJ45143112 said...



Is anybody in there?

This is me knocking on the heads of those bacon-loving bast**ds for not being bright enough or able to grow a pair and man up to the fact that this is what men do!

What's worse, this is what YOUNG men do!

OK, making the video and then posting it on the internet was dumb in the extreme but, let's face facts, the girl was older than him. And these dolts want to send a strong "message" that victimizing young women is not acceptable?! He was boasting of his conquest! It's a right of passage and he was showing off!

Stupid as heck but stop trying to be holier than thou thou and remember what is was like to be 14!

Last night I was forced to prepare an assignment for my "therapy" group where they asked multiple questions about my "offense" which was about 7 years ago and long before my life was destroyed by the totalitarian regime we call a government. I made it patently clear that this was sheer nonsense as I'm finally moving forward with my life and they think it's appropriate to rub my nose in the most devastatingly horrible time in my limited existence. It's as if they feel that I need to believe the my "crime" was every bit as bad as "they" want to believe it was (the facts tell a different story but when has the justice department or probation ever been interested in facts?)! They would also want to justify their inhumane treatment of otherwise law-abiding taxpayers by making us believe that we are less than human (no man is an island and every one of us is capable of misdirection. Of course, the higher up the chain of power you go, the closer you are to being God. Therefore, you don't have to bother yourself with the vagaries human existence)!

Authority does not justify torture!

Daver said...

Why isn't the girl in this case being prosecuted for statutory rape?