Saturday, June 29, 2013

AZ - State Senator investigated for alleged sexual abuse

Senator Rick Murphy
Rick Murphy
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By Steve Krafft

PEORIA - An Arizona State Senator is now under investigation for allegations of sexual abuse.

The investigation into Rick Murphy, a Republican from Peoria, launched about a week ago.

The 41-year-old Senator and his wife have seven foster children. One of them, a teen, accuses him of sex abuse going back six years.

The teen also self-reported.

He admitted to police he touched his sister in a sexual way.
- Bad mistake! He should not say anything without a lawyer!

When we knocked on the door of Senator Murphy's Peoria home Friday morning, nobody answered.

We walked across the street and asked Melissa Davies: What do you make of Peoria police saying "We have two active investigations involving Mr. Murphy having to do with allegations of molestation."
- That's media vigilantism for you!  They go across the street and stir up hysteria and hearsay.  The man hasn't been convicted yet!

She replied, "Wow that is crazy, I cannot imagine that at all. I am speechless on that. I cannot see that at all."

Melissa says the Murphys are friendly, quiet, the kids are well-mannered.

We turned to leave and heard the Murphys' door open and close. We walked up...and saw this note:

"We have no comment at this time. It is our daughter's birthday please respect our privacy."

Senator Murphy is a member of Christ's Church of the Valley and has served as a volunteer camp counselor, youth coach and student bible study leader.

Senator Murphy's office is on the third floor of the State Senate building at the State Capitol. He was not there on Friday, nor were any other members of the State Senate Republican or Democratic leadership.

There was no comment from Child Protective Services about the case.

Senator Murphy has not been arrested or charged.
- Not arrested? If the average citizen was accused of a sex crime they would be arrested and in jail waiting for bond.


dlc said...

Why does not the rest of the accused population get the chance to be presumed innocent until proven guilty? This man get to stay home instead of in jail. Is it because he is a senator? All of the accused should get the same treatment.

nathan rabalais said...

I agree if it was one of us we would be locked up until we went to court but sense his a senetor he gets a free ride and to me that's bs all I gotta say to him is.welcome to our world