Saturday, June 15, 2013

AL - Operation Safe Summer: Madison Co. Conducts Sex Offender Sweep

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HUNTSVILLE (WHNT) - There is a new effort by several law enforcement agencies to target sex offenders in Madison County.

The goal is to make sure they’re living by the law. Sure enough, agents say some are not.

About 400 sex offenders live in Madison County and are required to follow registration and notification laws of the state. However, investigators say about 15 percent of them are not doing so.
- The reporter in the video said 8 offenders were put back behind bars, which is not anywhere near 15 percent, which would be 60 offenders.

Six law enforcement agencies worked together on a three-day sweep this week called “Operation Safe Summer.” They finished Thursday at 10 p.m. and arrested eight people who they say violated Alabama’s Sex Offender Notification Act.

Three have no bond due to parole violations.

Agents made face-to-face contact with about 400 sex offenders throughout Madison County and say 15 percent of the 400 were not compliant with state registration laws.

About 40 more people may be arrested in this operation.

Agents spent about 2,500 man hours to get the most out of the sweep, aiming to keep tabs on registered sex offenders and arm the community with knowledge.

We don’t want these guys out here just roaming around doing what they want to do,” said Sgt. Brian Chaffin with the Madison County Sheriff’s Office. “We want to know what they’re doing. We want the community to know.”

This is the second time local agencies have worked together to do a three-day sweep to check on sex offenders.

Now, the Madison County Sheriff’s Office has assigned one investigator to doing this full-time, so the department can watch sex offenders more closely to prevent any repeat offenses.
- The fact is that ex-sex offenders have one of the lowest recidivism (re-offense) rates out there, but we're sure the Gestapo will use that to attempt to prove what they are doing is working.

Sex offenders have seven days to become compliant with state laws after they get out of jail or prison.


tom said...

If they are so worried about some one re-offending why don't they assign 3 police officers to the sex offenders side at all times? Wouldn't this not only protect the X-Offender but also the community?

Scott said...

So 2500 hours x a conservative hourly rate of $15 would be about $38,000 spent for nothing. Of course when u consider overtime pay, jail housing, court costs, etc the number goes up drastically. All this money spent to arrest 8 people for victimless crimes. I would be pissed to be a tax payer in this town.