Thursday, June 20, 2013

AL - Foster homes are now protected from sex offenders living near-by

Gabe and Melissa Ross
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By Rachel Keith

DECATUR (WAAY) - The Decatur Police Department is wanting foster families to know that they are now protected in the Sex Offender Notification and Registration Act.

The Sex Offender Notification and Registration Act of 2011 prevents more than 11,000 sex offenders in the state from living within 2,000 feet of a school or child care facility. The Decatur Police Department says that now includes foster homes.

"We've received notification of a recent Attorney General opinion which stated the section of the sex offender notification and registration act covering child care facilities also includes foster homes" said Lt. John Crouch with the Decatur Police Department.

Decatur Police are encouraging foster families to list their addresses with their local law enforcement agency.

"Then they can be included in the restricted areas where sex offenders are not allowed to live" said Crouch.

Foster parents like Gabe and Melissa Ross were happy to hear that option is now available to them.

"We have six children in our home and we try to do as much as we can but I feel like this law will really help and add to the security of our home" says Melissa Ross.

"Anything we can do to help protect these children is a great thing because they grow up with such difficult backgrounds, a tough foundation" said Gabe Ross. "Anything we can do to help protect them, provide safety for them."

One foster family has already added their address to the list with the Decatur Police Department and the Ross family says they could be next.

"We would consider putting our name on the list to help protect our children" said Melissa Ross.


Mark said...

Propiska is alive and well in America. I say again, banishment is unconstitutional but when done subtly, all sex offenders under the guise of "protecting" OUR CHILDREN, anything goes, and here is yet another classic example of myopic, mentally ill law makers in action. If you confront these law makers they will reduce you to ruble and castigate you, belittle you, and prove to you the American "group-think" that prevails today in the USA against a sex offender. The conclusive presumption that ALL sex offenders are recidivists, dangerous, uncontrollable, opportunists, impulsive, cunning, liars, sneaky, manipulators is an illness in and of itself and psychologically communicable across America. The sad part of all this, is this type of mind-set is historical.

Ron said...

I wonder when will non-foster families start complaining that due to this law sex offenders are being pushed closer to their families and ask the legislators to extend this provision to all households with minor children. These type of laws are becoming the norm and pass with almost zero opposition. I'm just waiting for the government to start rounding up all sex offenders and put us in boxcars for the final solution. If it just saves one child.

Loneranger said...

dangerous, uncontrollable, opportunists, impulsive, cunning, liars, sneaky, manipulators is an illness in and of itself and psychologically communicable across America.

for a second there I thought you were talking about politicians.

Mark said...

In 1932, the Soviet Union revived its policy of PROPISKA to control the internal movements of its population. PROPISKA was a system restricting the movements and domicile of Soviet citizens. As an addendum to the PROPISKA system, UNDESIRABLES were exiled from major cities. The "exiles" were instructed not to live within 100 kilometers of DESIGNATED cities within the Soviet Union. The "undesirables" exiled to the 101st. kilometer included criminals, homeless persons, prostitutes, and political dissidents. PROPISKA requirements included a valid Passport, and registration with the state, and these requirements were strictly enforced. (Sound very familiar?)

Welcome the new America and its communist/socialist manifesto in full swing and sex offenders are the first of the lot to come.