Friday, May 31, 2013

WI - Sturtevant looking at ordinance to keep sex offenders out of their village

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By Shannon Sims

STURTEVANT - Gwen Bodi holds tight to her daughter, one of four children she watches closely.

To learn a violent sex offender could be living feet away from where her children play and learn doesn't sit well with this mother who says her number one job is making sure her children are safe.

"I don't think violent sex offenders belong in Sturtevant," Bodi said. “Or anywhere near kids for that matter."

Recently, the city of Racine made it tougher for the state to house sex offenders near schools, daycares and playgrounds. Now the village of Sturtevant wants to do the same.

Village trustee Chris Larsen has written an ordinance that would make it very hard for the state to place violent sex offenders in the village. His message is strong and clear.

"They are not welcome here and we are going to request that the state not place them here," Larsen said.

Bodi agree a new ordinance would protect the most vulnerable of the village: the children.

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