Thursday, May 2, 2013

UK - Man (Jonathan Paul Brewin) admits threatening sex offender neighbour

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A Carleton man has been handed a community sentence for threatening to set fire to the flat belonging to a convicted sex offender.

Jonathan Paul Brewin, 29, of Carleton Mill, was annoyed that a man living nearby had not been sent to prison for possessing indecent images of children, Skipton magistrates were told.

Brewin launched a verbal attack on the other man, [name withheld], when their taxis arrived back in Carleton at the same time on February 2 after nights out with friends in Skipton, the court heard.

He told Mr [name withheld], who received a community sentence for possessing indecent images in December, 2011, that people like him should not live in Carleton.

He added that if he saw him in the local pub he would “rip him to pieces” and that if he did not move out within three weeks he would burn his flat down.

Prosecuting, Caroline Midgley said the confrontation lasted about 15 minutes and left Mr [name withheld] feeling shaken.

Brewin, a man of previous good character, felt strongly about convicted sex offenders and had been annoyed to see Mr [name withheld] out enjoying himself.

In mitigation, John Mewies said Mr [name withheld]’s crime was one that caused a lot of emotion among the public.

He said Carleton was a small, tight knit community and word had quickly got around after the court case appeared in the paper.

On this particular evening, Mr Brewin had been to Skipton and had returned in a taxi unfortunately at the same time as Mr [name withheld].”

Mr [name withheld] says he was “fresh” and had had six or seven pints and Mr Brewin had also had an enjoyable evening and it was that that affected his judgement.”

He added that the threat to burn Mr [name withheld]’s flat down could not be taken seriously.

Brewin, a keen footballer and in full time employment, had accepted he should not have acted the way he did and admitted threatening behaviour.

He was given a 12-month community order with a specified activity of victim awareness. He will also have to carry out 80 hours unpaid work and pay costs of £85 and victims surcharge of £60.

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Mark said...

OMG!!! THAT PHOTO IS BACK! Maybe if more offenders in the USA would start to file criminal legal actions against dummies things would slow down a bit.