Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Sex offender registry

The following was sent to us via the contact form and posted with the users permission.

By Rayida:
Before I started dating my husband, I never paid attention to the registry and knew very little about it. I basically knew that it existed and that's it. I never looked at it, because I didn't need a list to tell me who to keep my kids away from. When it came down to it, if I didn't know you well, my kids weren't left with you and didn't go near your house. My outlook and lack of knowledge of the registry probably had a lot to do with my nieve outlook of how the registry would affect my custody battle with my kids father. I knew about my husband being on the registry and the details of his crime before we got married. And it didn't change my opinion of him or that he all of the sudden because of that label became an 'outcast' to me. Also, my kids father knew him well too... and had no problems with the kids being around him, BEFORE he found out that he was a rso. From October 2012 to 2 weeks ago I've had 3 'emergency' custody hearings that my kids were in severe danger.... though no accusations were being made and nothing had happened. During these so called hearing, I maintained custody of my kids. However, last week was the final court date.... the day before court the GAL was going to suggest that I keep custody of my 2 boys and my kids father keep custody of my daughter. That morning I got to court and it was discovered that in my state a person married to a sex offender is not allowed to have custody. In fact, the only 'custody' they are to be granted is supervised visitation. But, thankfully, it wasn't pushed that far. However, my kids cannot have any contact at all with my husband now. When he has done NOTHING wrong. I had a lawyer tell me that he would of been 'better off' committing murder. That's the biggest part of how the registry has affected my life, is due to my husband's crime that happened 13 years ago and nothing since then I've lost custody of all 3 of my kids... because some lawyers wanted to cover their rears. The church I had attended for 4 years... and the last year with my husband, after finding out that my husband was a rso they asked him to leave, because their church didn't have a policy for rso members. Needless to say, we no longer go there. My husband isn't allowed to attend my kids school functions before my court hearing, because of school policy. Now when I have my kids with me, I have to leave our house so they won't be around him. We can't do anything together as a whole family now. These are the biggest reasons how the registry has affected my family's life.

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