Tuesday, May 7, 2013

PA - Hulmeville residents vow to continue efforts to rid town of sex offender treatment center

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By Jo Ciavaglia

Hulmeville Council members say they were told an outpatient treatment center that is state licensed to treat sexually violent predators currently does not have any clients that meet that definition.

But the news did little to calm the nerves of at least 100 residents who packed Monday’s borough council meeting room to demand action to evict Resources for Human Development.

Many didn’t know that the center — which treats deviant sexual behavior and sex offenders — existed until recently. Most called the current location — in a largely residential area — inappropriate.
- And it was never a problem, until now?

Some vowed to picket and patrol the area surrounding the Reetz Avenue office building on nights when counseling meetings are held. Others requested police presence at the building on the center’s meeting nights. Nearly 160 people on Monday night signed a petition calling for the building’s landlord to evict the center.

Resident David Goodman says his 8-year-old son is scared to go to the bus stop alone now.
- Because you've put fear into his heart.

What are we going to do to protect the community,” he added.

Another resident claimed that the center’s clients loiter on the property and nearby streets after the meetings.
- What's wrong with that? People usually congregate after meetings.

I almost feel like they’re casing the neighborhood,” one woman said.
- Wow, you need to get a life!


SOIssues said...

Our comment left on the video:

"You people need to get a life! This was never an issue until someone started a moral panic over nothing! Get a life folks! You should be worrying about what the US government is doing to protect this country, bringing our troops home, securing the border, etc, not some bogus fear. Ex-sex offenders have the lowest re-offense rate of all other crimes, and it's true, look it up yourself, of visit our blog for many studies that show this."

Randy said...

They will keep and trust a registry that really doesn't protect anybody then get rid of treatment centers that actually help. I'm beginning to think people in certain states are not only ignorant but a bunch of pansies too.

dc said...

I bet every one of them will tell you they are just good old Christan folks......You know judging people by past mistakes or the way they may look or from the gossip going around town......WAKE UP PEOPLE

deathklok said...

It sounds like there's a need to open a new wing treating the local residents who are experiencing paranoia. Their delusions could expand to fits of violence against the current patrons who are doing what is expected by society.

Mark s said...

What makes this story even more ridiculous is that everyone that attends RHD meetings is on probation. There is also two facilitators at every meeting and they are the last ones to leave.

Outside of the fact that ex-offenders have a low recidivision rate, probation officers often attend these meetings.

Although I do not agree with some of treatment procedures that rhd and others like it use and their direct ties to probation, I do have to commend them for removing the other addresses from the website.

My fear is that bringing attention to these facilities is going to bring news cameras and spectators not unlike abortion clinics. As I am required to attend one of these weekly meetings and it is located directly in the middle of a residential area.

Mark said...

To SOIssues: Why would you want mob mentality to think, discern, assimilate, cogitate and research this topic when they have the powers that be think for them?? Even assuming arguendo, if they did start to think, I do not believe they would know what to do after seeing the truth.