Saturday, May 4, 2013

OK - Juveniles on Oklahoma's Sex Offender Registry. Report Says It Violates Human Rights

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35 states put juveniles on sex offender registries,” said Fox 25 Legal Analyst David Slane.
- We believe this is part of SORNA (PDF), so if states want to comply, then they have to put juveniles on the registry.

Oklahoma is one of those states.

In Oklahoma you can be put on their as young as 15.”

But a recent Human Rights Watch Report claims placing juveniles on a sex offender registry does more harm than good and calls it a violation of human rights.

Teenagers sometimes do really stupid things and to be punished for the rest of their life is pretty harsh,” said Slane.

Slane said in Oklahoma juveniles end up on the registry for offenses ranging from sexting all the way to rape.

In some cases they face lifetime registration for something they did when they were 14 or 13 years old.”

Something he said can ruin a young person's future.

There's certain jobs they’re not going to get. They will never have the chance to be a fireman, a police officer or a teacher because of that one indiscretion.”

The judge should be able to put them in there regardless of their age,” said State Senator Kyle Loveless.
- If it was your child on the list, we're sure you'd say otherwise.

Loveless said the registry does not violate any human rights.

They're responsible for their actions so they should be responsible for their crimes.”
- They are children, not adults!

He said regardless of age the sex offender registry is there for a reason.

To keep them away from our kids. That’s what it comes down to.”

Some parents we spoke with are on board for putting minors on the list.

I would want access to the information,” said mother of 7, Elizabeth Hannah.
- And we'd like access to ALL criminal records on an online registry for the world to see.

Others say it goes too far.

That means in today’s world there’s no chance for that young man or woman to be redeemed after that. They’re basically lost to society,” said parent Ed Sniffin.

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