Thursday, May 9, 2013

OH - 3 (Ryan Cozart, Ariel Smith & Sara Craig) arrested in murder of sex offender in Meigs County

Ryan Cozart, Ariel Smith & Sara Craig
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By Lisa Robbins & Courtney Khondabi

Law enforcement officials identified the victim as 57-year-old [name withheld] of Pomeroy, Ohio. It appears he was stabbed and assaulted, however the exact cause of death has not been released.

Three are charged in connection with [name withheld]'s murder: Ryan Cozart of Racine, Ohio who is charged with the murder; Ariel Smith of Portland, Ohio and Sara Craig also of Portland, Ohio are both charged with complicity to commit murder.

Detectives report [name withheld] knew the trio but it is not clear what sort of relationship they had. Police believe the trio went to [name withheld]'s room, stabbed and assaulted him and then stole his car. Deputies arrived on scene after midnight.

About 1:50 a.m. Cozart and Craig returned to the hotel in the victim's car and were arrested. Investigators later picked up Smith at a house in Portland.

The scene was described as gruesome and bloody. It took detectives hours to check several locations including Meigs Motel room 22. A motive has not been determined.

Wallace is listed as a sex offender in Ohio. Investigators have not said whether or not his criminal past had anything to do with his murder.


Mark said...

The three Musketeers in this article may not have been motivated because he was a sex offender but, because he was an offender, they thought they could do him up for other things, like his car, money etc. I would stake my life on this one. In short, they believed they were going to pick on a "loser," to whom no one gave a s*&t about to begin with in the first place. And as the state of Ohio powers that be, secretly laugh at the escalating carnage against registered and publicly exposed offenders.

tom said...

I will bet my life they get a lighter sentence than any sex offender would!

Mark said...

No doubt Tom, time will tell.

tom said...

Well of-course they do Mark.
Have you ever noticed the comments made on other murdered sex offenders? The X-sex offender is NOT looked at as the VICTIM of a crime (Let alone a HATE CRIME), The X-Sex offender is looked at like garbage and the Murderers are looked at the ones taking out the trash. They lead off there story like this "Sex Offender is killed" The public is then saying RIGHT ON COOL GREAT JOB! I hope they give a meddle to these people! The story is NEVER followed up it is never covered more than one time one ONE local T.V. network and then the story ends the Murderers are giving time served and set free. It is seen over and over, again and again. The politicians know this they see it the courts know this they see this yet since we are in fact sex offenders we really do deserve it and the community is safe once again. And more LAWS are past and more are killed. Please let me be next I am sick of waiting and wonder when. It's times like this when all hope is lost and all I want to do is die too.