Tuesday, May 21, 2013

NY - Sex offenders challenge Suffolk law

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WOODBURY - Two registered sex offenders are challenging a Suffolk law that calls for closely watching the online activity of convicted offenders.

The Community Protection Act (PDF) allows Parents for Megan's Law to act for police by monitoring offenders' online activity.

According to Newsday, offenders say the law violates their civil rights.

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Mark said...

And the cottage industry just grows like weeds.

Macintosh said...

I tried posting the following comment to the news site, but it requires registration (ironic):

Civil rights belong to everyone, and not just select people. Not all sex crimes involve a child. Not all sex crimes involve force. To be convicted of a sex crime doesn't even mean there was a victim. Public urination is a sex crime. It's understandable that there should be laws against such things as public urination, but that shouldn't just open the door for a tax payer funded advocacy group to monitor (perform surveillance on) anyone's online activity. The proper place for taking away a civil right would be during sentencing in court. Surveillance power should never be given to a private group or company, under any circumstances.