Wednesday, May 22, 2013

NY - Senate passes legislation allowing Niagara County sex offender restrictions

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By jmaloni

Today, the New York State Senate passed legislation authorizing Niagara County to prohibit level two and three sex offenders from being within 1,500 feet of any school grounds or child care facility. This bill (S. 3457), sponsored by Sen. George D. Maziarz, R-C-Newfane, addresses concerns raised in Niagara County regarding the ensured safety of the children in both the school and day care setting.

Currently, laws in New York only restrict individuals who are classified as level three sex offenders from knowingly entering upon school grounds. These laws do not address level two sex offenders. Maziarz said there are insufficient restrictions in place relating to facilities that provide child day care. This legislation would allow Niagara County to include restrictions on both level two and level three sex offenders from being within 1,500 feet of either a school or any place where day care is provided.

"There is concern among the community in Niagara for the threat posed to children by convicted sex offenders," Maziarz said. "This legislation would allow Niagara County to enforce its recently passed resolution and therefore keep in place the restrictions to the sex offenders. The protection and safety of children is of utmost importance and I now call upon the Assembly to pass this legislation in order to allow Niagara County the ability to do what they think is right for their area."
- Not all sex offenders have harmed children, or even adults, so stop making it appear as if all sex offenders are child molesting, pedophile predators!  They are not!

This bill has been sent to the Assembly. There is currently no Assembly sponsor.


Mark said...

Now that the state senate has allowed this new burdensome law in Niagara County, this sets precedent. BEWARE NEW YORK, HERE THEY COME!

Mark said...

A second thought: whenever the state and/or the federal governments do not like their laws, or rules, they alter them for their own benefit -- period. Just like this article displays above. As a current New York resident, I am buckling up for this deluge of new laws to pour forth!