Monday, May 13, 2013

MI - Legislation would create animal abuse registry in Michigan

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Animal Care Network volunteers found starved dogs lying dead at the end of chains in Pontiac during the winter.

There are so many repeat offenders who let animals starve in their backyard,” said Pam Porteous, the organization’s manager. “There should be a database of these people.”
- We should have an online registry for all criminals, not just some.

Lawmakers have revamped bills that would establish a registry — similar to a sex offender registry — that would track animal abusers, and they are urging people to write to their legislators.

House Bill 4534 (PDF) is sponsored by Republican Rep. Paul Muxlow, from the 83rd District. The district includes Sanilac County and Burtchville Township, Fort Gratiot Township and the city of Port Huron. House Bill 4535 (PDF) is sponsored by Rep. Harvey Santana, D-Northwest Detroit. A third bill in the works would make it illegal for a person on the abuser registry to purchase an animal.

The grouping of bills is referred to as Logan’s Law, a reference to a beloved pet husky from Goodells, Mich., that was attacked by a stranger with acid and died.
- So we've went from naming laws using the HB-xxxx or SB-xxxx form, to naming them after dead children, and now dead dogs.  So who will have a law named after them next?

Both legislators introduced similar measures last year.

Together, the bills would establish a statewide registry to protect animals from abuse and neglect.
- That may be the intent, but we all know it won't prevent abuse and I'm sure people who don't belong on the registry will also be swept up into it, but only time will tell.

Any person convicted of a crime against an animal would have to register for a five-year period. All citizens would have access to the registry and could make sure that no pet they are selling or offering for adoption would go to a convicted animal abuser.
- Why not register for life?

Animal shelters would be mandated to use the registry before allowing their animals to be adopted. Offenders’ names would remain on the registry five years after they serve their sentence.

The registry would be paid for by the fees attached to the penalties for those convicted of animal abuse or neglect.

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Mark said...

Ok, how about Lassie's Law, or Rin Tin Tin Registry? As I have said in past comments, very soon virtually everyone in America will be "registered" for some violation of one thing or another and the governments will smile and say to all of you - "got ya!" The clandestine governmental agenda continues towards a total "police-state." Just like the frog in a pot of water. Turn it up slowly until it boils, and the poor frog will not know he is boiling.

Mark said...

How about "Lassie's Law," or "Rin-Tin-Tin registry?" Soon the total police state will have virtually every American registered from some type of "infraction." They started with sex offenders first because this is a "POLITICALLY UNCONTESTED" SUBJECT, and group of people, and anyone defending sex offenders will be/are subject to vigorous governmental persecution(s), while the state and federal governments continue to demonize offenders in, by and through their most effective tool: THE MEDIA. Now sex offender registries have massive state and federal bureaucracies, and are firmly in place; this will be expanded to envelope millions on the data bases they have already in place. All because it started with sex offenders who are now deemed to be evil, bad, untreatable, detestable ad nausea. It is already in place folks! get ready!