Wednesday, May 15, 2013

MA - Rep. Dwyer supports sex offender reforms

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READING - Last week, the Joint Committee on the Judiciary held a hearing in which testimony was offered for legislation that has been filed to address inherent problems in the sexual offender classification system in Massachusetts.

State Representative James Dwyer has jointly field a legislative package with Rep. Shaunna O’Connell of Taunton known as Child Sexual Predator Prevention Act. The two legislators want to send a strong bi-partisan message that the Commonwealth has no tolerance for child sexual predators.

The legislative package providers for:
  • A minimum 25-year sentence for the first offense of raping a child (Current statute does not provide for a minimum sentence for a first time conviction)
  • A 40-year sentence for the second offense
  • A life sentence for the third conviction.
  • Requiring level 1 and 2 predators to have their information posted online (Current federal law requires that level 2 offenders be listed online, but the Commonwealth has failed to meet the federal requirement)
  • Requiring agencies that oversee children and developmentally disabled persons to communicate with the sex offender registry board

Rep. Dwyer and Rep. O’Connell are pursuing this aggressive legislation in response to the reported crimes of [name withheld] who allegedly assaulted babies and toddlers and now faces 100 sexual abuse charges. Joining the legislators in offering testimony were members of the law enforcement community.

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tom said...

Great just keep pumping them laws out and affecting EVERY x offender! Yeah this is just what we all need another feel good look tough on crime law with some kids name on it! Yeah this will stop them all!