Monday, May 6, 2013

Laws govening convictions vs. registration

Sent to us via the contact form and posted with the users permission.

By Anonymous:
I am curious as to the thoughts of the community on laws that apply to people CONVICTED of a sex crime that limit behavior or conduct as opposed to laws that govern RSOs. As someone who is coming off the registry next year - I'm trying to understand how a law that was passed after my conviction can apply to me without being ex post facto. I understand the interpretation of some courts that being on the registry is an "administrative" action (I don't agree, but understand that concept), but once I'm off the registry - can a law passed after my conviction still apply to me (ex. anyone convicted of a sex offense is not allowed in a public park). Seems that those laws could only apply to someone CONVICTED after the date of the law. Am I wrong to be concerned about whether these laws will still apply after my RSO time is done?

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