Saturday, May 11, 2013

LA - Supreme Court: Waiting 7 years for a trial is speedy enough?

So if you are accused of any crime, you can be locked up for 7+ years, even if you are innocent!

The U.S. Supreme Court recently decided that it is constitutional if a state locks up a suspect for 7+ years without giving him a trial, and that somehow does not violate the 6th Amendment guarantee of speedy public trials. All a state has to do is claim it doesn't have the money to give you a trial and they can apparently get away with this indefinitely. SCOTUS betrayed the constitution once again in Boyer v. Louisiana.

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Luman Wright said...

"All a state has to do is claim it doesn't have the money to give you a trial'
We don't have any money for public defender so you wait..

Mark said...

And major sexual offenses against the Constitution continues. Who gets accused of this? All state and federal judges are virtually "unanswerable" to anyone except for judicial misconduct thus, any decision they make is is absolutely immune to challenge except to go right back into another court with the judge's brothers reviewing that decision. And who is the Supreme Court of the United States answerable to? Or for that matter, state appellate courts??? And as such, you get situations like the above article expostulates.