Monday, May 20, 2013

FL - Teen arrested, expelled for alleged same-sex relationship

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UPDATE: Parents of underage victim in Kate Hunt's case defend actions


By Angela Cruz

SEBASTIAN - [mother name withheld] said it's been a nightmare since her daughter, 18-year-old [name withheld], was arrested on a charge of "lewd and lascivious battery of a child 12 to 16 years old."

"She's scared to death, she can't sleep," said [mother name withheld], from her and [name withheld]'s home on Sunday night.

[mother name withheld] said [name withheld] became friends with an underaged female student at Sebastian River High School at the beginning of the school year.

"They began a dating relationship," [mother name withheld] recalled. "Never in my mind did I consider what that meant."

[name withheld], a former cheerleader and basketball player, was expelled from school after the arrest. [mother name withheld] hopes what she calls the "overwhelming" online support could somehow help get [name withheld]'s charge dropped.

Their family's "Free Kate" Facebook page has more than 14,000 members, and their petition has more than 40,000 signatures.

"I just put our story out there on Friday," said [mother name withheld]  "I wanted people to know what was going on. Within thirty minutes, I had so many outpouring support. On Saturday evening, we crashed the website. The president of contacted us personally."

"She is the sweetest girl," [mother name withheld] continued. "I wondered if I was crazy, if it was only because I'm a mom. But I wondered if anyone else thought, like me, that this was wrong and unjust. Apparently, they do."

The family also created an online account to assist with their $50,000 legal fees incurred, according to [mother name withheld].

[mother name withheld] spent all Sunday morning passing out 1,000 "STOP THE HATE, SAVE KATE" green bracelets. She is hoping the attention could help to avoid a trial.

"It's not something I want for my daughter, and it's not something I want for the other girl," said [mother name withheld].

[mother name withheld] said the relationship was consensual. She questions why the parents of [name withheld]'s girlfriend chose to press charges.

"You get with me, and say, hey, as a mom, this is going on and I don't like this, let's talk about this," said [mother name withheld]  "I would have sat down with her, I would have sat down with our children, and I would have nipped it in the bud, and I would have respected her."

The state attorney's office has offered [name withheld] a plea deal, which would include two years of house arrest.

[mother name withheld] doesn't feel [name withheld] deserves the penalty if they don't accept, and they lose her case. She denies her daughter's actions were criminal.

"She would have a lifetime sexual offender on her record," said [mother name withheld]  "She would not be able to, we think we all know what that means. It's a death sentence for her, her life would be over at 18."

"[name withheld] would not hurt a fly," said [mother name withheld]  "She didn't know what she was doing was quote, unquote 'wrong' or illegal. There was no intent to hurt anybody or commit a crime. I know that's not an excuse for the letter of the law, but it's reality."

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Randy said...

She didn't do anything wrong. I feel she is being attacked for dating same sex. She needs all the emotional support possible.

kiokwus said...

This family is in ruins. I commend the Mother doing all she can to save her child from a lifetime of misery and prejudicial hate from an ignorant society. Unfortunately, regardless of all her efforts, I doubt the DA will drop the charges and let this girl have her life back. Doing so would open the gates to their opponents that they have become soft when it comes to sex crimes. I wish the best to this family and can only pray they find a way to survive. Florida is one of the very worst states when it comes to sex offenses and the prosecution of these alleged crimes, regardless of circumstances.

Loneranger said...

Well isn't this just great. Florida how far are you willing to go. Yes it's how the laws are written and yes you must follow them and apply them to as many as you can. We must eradicate sex between humans if possible. After all we must protect the children. Ok maybe i went to far there but really after a point one has to wonder if maybe things are a bit out of hand. But if you take a look at this and then instead of it being a female and being a male the same age and in the same situation we wouldn't even know about this. He would be tagged and bagged and sent off to prison and then on the registry for life. The double standards are in play here and maybe because the law is being applied equally in this case maybe someone can see how this works now. Possibly these laws are too strict? BUT we must protect the children even if its from other children. Are we really protecting anyone or just feeding this sex offender machine day after day. Creating more offenders to talk about and track. One has to wonder if all this is really doing anymore then feeding a political machine that is always in high gear anytime some politician wants to get reelected. After a point the prisons will be full of nothing but sex offenders the rest because of lack of room and funding will be set free in record time to go on and repeat their crimes. Works great for drug offenders and thieves and frankly the two are mostly the same. However they didn't have sex with anyone underage that we can prove anyway. So as they continue to harvest, the ones that felt they were immune to these laws as in if you're female it's different due to the double standards are being caught up in this. I guess equal protection under the law comes into play here and maybe it is becoming more equal as time goes on. I would have to think the prison system should gear up for more female offenders and the idea that women are not capable of committing sex crimes is done away with. Or maybe we need to take a look at the entire situation and start scaling back these laws. Only time will tell as monetary resources tend to dictate how laws are written and enforced. So as long as we are willing to pay to track people for life. To Jail them whenever we feel the need this will continue to grow. At some point it will come to your family as no one is an island. If you have children be afraid be very afraid as the very laws you voted for may come home to roost. the very laws that you think you need to save your child maybe the very ones that destroy them.

NJ45143112 said...

Simply put, the letter of the law is very often a load of bulls**t dumped on an unwitting society by ignorant officials...

One can only hope that our criminal justice system will one day be seen for what it is: CRIMINAL!

Nobody should have the power that has been entrusted to them because humans are not capable of handling that much power. Even Moses had problems with it and he suffered for it...
Similarly, humans cannot handle ultimate knowledge yet smart phones, tablets and social media abound in todays' society. Why? Because the same entities that enforce laws to prosecute victims of the new technical age are also the ones that promote the growth of it!

In any case, consensual relationships should not be considered a criminal act. Parents should take personal responsibility for their children and not hand problems to the state...

AOC said...

Well, whats good for the goose is good for the gander... while I feel immensely sorry for this woman (!) I also do not believe that the law should be applied subjectively. Either it applies to all or none.

I would imagine that there is a plethora of Florida registrants who were 18 with 15 year old willing partners and have had their lives obliterated. But for them the reaction is "aw shucks - the law is the law" because they were not female and not gay / lesbian.

Only when these laws are applied consequently across the board and the majority of citizens or their children are swept up in them, the true problem bubbles to the top.

These laws are madness. From start to finish.

deathklok said...

The mother declared that the registry would be a death sentence for her daughter. I think SCOTUS should step in and kindly explain to her that it's only a simple regulatory process. Heck! it's not even a punishment. Just fill out a piece of paper and that's it.

"The best way to get a bad law repealed is to enforce it strictly."

Daver said...

Maybe this will put the Plight of the registry on the radar of the public. Now if we can just get the media to tell the truth about recidivism.