Monday, May 20, 2013

FL - Florida funds sex offender database search by school

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And you can bet that once this is live, these people will lose their jobs as well, which we believe is the intent of the action.


By Jeff Weinsier

Florida Legislature allocates $18K to update FDLE's Sex Offender, Predator database search

MIAMI - Change is coming to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement's Sex Offender and Predator database following a Local 10 investigation.

You will soon be able to search for registered sex offenders and predators listed by the college or university they attend or work at. Currently, you can only search the database by name or neighborhood.

The Florida Legislature allocated $18,000 to update FDLE's computer program.

State records show more than 100 registered sex offenders attend or work on campuses in South Florida.

It took Local 10 weeks to get a list, and only after we requested it.

Students who Local 10 interviewed said they had no idea the information even existed.

"I really appreciate you bringing this to my attention," said State Senator Eleanor Sobel. "You do not know who is on your college campus, you do not know who is in your class, you do not know who is in your study group, you do not know who you are having a drink with."

The Texas Department of Public Safety has a link on their website that allows users to search for sex offenders by campus.

Because the Florida Department of Law Enforcement already tracks that information, Sobel and Local 10 wanted to know why it couldn't be done here.

"We met with the FDLE -- they didn't need a law, they didn't need statutory changes," said Sobel. "All they needed was a little bit of money to put it on their website."

The money becomes available July 1.

The Florida Sheriff's Association and Florida Police Chief's Association supported the measure brought to their attention by Sobel.

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CaptainHoneyBee said...

A few comments....

As a web designer: $18,000 for adding one html form field and one SQL statement! As a Web DESIGNER, that would take me half a day to pull off. A Web DEVELOPER / PROGRAMMER would take 90 minutes or less. Follow the money....

As a US Citizen: while not a Florida resident or attorney nowhere did I find anything in the statutes that information other than home addresses may be published. The fact that employment is not on the fdle web site, unlike in TX, leads me to believe that the current laws do not allow this. While the FDLE may only need a little bit of money (okay, 18 grand) right now to put this on the web site, they are going to need a whole lot of money when they lose the first lawsuit over this.

As a former long-time student: unless you are going to college in a prison, there may be all kinds of people in your college class. Just like in real life. Interesting that the good Senator does not object to having a lab partner who is a wife beater, murderer, thief, etc.

Concerned Citizen said...

Achtung Juden! Where will this end? 24-hour video surveillance?