Friday, May 17, 2013

FL - Cops: Woman (Krystle Harrison) Bit Boyfriend's Penis Over Sex Refusal

Krystle Harrison
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When her amorous advances were repeatedly rejected by her live-in boyfriend, Krystle Harrison allegedly “bit his penis” in retaliation, police allege.

Harrison, 19, and [name withheld], 24, were in bed late last night in their Bradenton, Florida home when Harrison “wanted to have sex,” according to a Manatee County Sheriff’s Office report.

In a bid to entice [name withheld]  Harrison “began to touch him.” But [name withheld] told her “several times that he did not want to partake,” a deputy noted.

[name withheld] told an investigator that after turning away Harrison, she grabbed him and “bit his penis.” He then pushed her away and left the home, which the couple shares with their infant son.

The dispute continued outside the residence, where Harrison allegedly slapped her beau in the face and “then spit in his facial area.” [name withheld] also “received minor scratches to his upper chest” during the tangle with Harrison, whom he has dated for three years.

Harrison, seen above, was arrested for misdemeanor domestic battery and booked early today into the county jail, where bond has not been set.
- What about sexual abuse?  If a man did this it would be considered rape!

[name withheld] told a deputy that he did not want to press charges and refused to complete a sworn affidavit about the confrontation. He also declined medical treatment for his bitten penis.

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Mark said...

I say: never bite the &%$#@! that feeds you. I think it was up to the man to decide how she should have been charged in this case. But it appears he choose not to really go after her. But as the comment does say in red, if it were a man, he would go for the ride of his life!