Saturday, May 4, 2013

CA - Examining Chelsea's Law: Part I

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By Shelomith Stow

Several months ago two organizations, Chelsea’s Light Foundation and Chelsea’s Shield, received a flurry of publicity and promotion. Both operate under the auspices of Brian King, father of Chelsea King, a California teenager raped and murdered in 2010 by a registered sex offender. Yesterday, with the announcement that Chris Kelly, a former Facebook executive, has joined with the King family, more publicity on their highly publicized political agenda will be forthcoming.

This will be a two-part series analyzing Chelsea’s Law, the legislation that the organizations and those associated with them, are pushing in every state.

As the two parts that make up the series were originally written as stand-alone pieces, there is some overlap in details.

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deathklok said...

Please re-post with a new link if or when this article becomes available again. Thank you for keeping everyone updated with so much pertinent and relevant information. Your accumulated library is undeniably the best resource for anyone researching laws regarding registration in the U.S. and I'm very grateful for all your hard work and sacrifice.

SOIssues said...

They deleted and reposted the link. We've fixed the links above to point to the new post.