Sunday, May 12, 2013

Beyond the Myth - Prison / Jail propaganda video

Video Description:
Are jails and prisons one and the same, and what exactly is "community corrections?" With an emphasis on the role of jails in local communities, this video will answer those questions and more. It goes "beyond the myth" to reveal what corrections really is, what it is not, and the important role it plays in promoting public safety. The National Institute of Corrections (NIC) is a division of the U.S. Department of Justice, Federal Bureau of Prisons. It's mission is to provide training, information, and technical assistance to the nation's jails, prisons, and community corrections facilities.

Our Comments:
Don't you just love how they sugar coat it and make it look like it's some nice retreat or something?

This is NOTHING like real jails or prisons, it's merely propaganda! They'd never show you the reality!

And jails / prisons are not about corrections, rehabilitation or public "safety," they are about caging people and making a profit from those they lock up.

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Tunabear said...

I wouldn't call it "propaganda." MSNBC's "Lockup" series depicts the exact same operations and conditions. At least they acknowledge the fact that serious problems do occur and that jails can be held legally liable for the consequences.

This film looks dated, circa 2000, instead of 2013. There's no mention of the for-profit jail/prison industry that has taken over many formerly county- or state-run facilities. That's where you often find the worst conditions, due to corporate penny-pinching corporate with almost no local oversight.
If nothing else, the film shows people what jails are "supposed" to be, and provides a kind of baseline for critics to use against jails that don't live up to those high standards (e.g., Arapaho County, AZ).