Wednesday, April 17, 2013

TX - Lawmakers hear bill on indecent exposure

Linda Harper-Brown
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AUSTIN (AP) - Lawmakers are considering raising the penalty for repeat offenders convicted of indecent exposure.

In a hearing before the House Criminal Jurisprudence Committee on Tuesday, Republican Rep. Linda Harper-Brown of Irving aimed her bill (HB-1628, PDF) squarely at a registered sex offender in her home district with more than 20 convictions.
- So if he had so many convictions, then the system failed!  You don't need another useless law to fix this issue, or to just get your name on something to make you look "tough!"

Under current law, each conviction counts as a class B misdemeanor. Her bill would make the second offense a class A misdemeanor and the eighth offense a state jail felony.

Harper-Brown said the man she had in mind has repeatedly knocked on windows to get the attention of children before exposing himself. He has also approached a church and a beauty salon.
- So in some states, this is child molestation, so is this not the same in Texas?  Guess not.

Law enforcement officials said repeat offenders abound. Harper-Brown said that "you learn something new every day."


Mark said...

Hey Ms. Harper-Brown: how does yet another law actually prevent the behavior you want to punish? Oh I see, it is not about the behavior, it is about filling up prisons, making sure a cottage industry flourishes? So too, you are on the bandwagon to save our children? Has anyone of your ilk ever really considered to try first to help these men who cannot stop exposing themselves? Oh what is the use, your quest has blinded you like all other legislators.

ericangevine said...

Statistically, exhibitionists have the highest recidivism of all classes of sex offenders. This point is often overlooked. Clearly the case that Rep. Harper-Brown cites bears on this fact and something more needs to be done in cases like this. I do not favor filling up our jails, but an eighth offense clearly shows that the current law is ineffective in stemming recidivism.