Sunday, April 21, 2013

Stop drinking the kool-aid!

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Mark said...

From the oral argument transcript of UNITED STATES V. ANTHONY JAMES KEBODEAUX JUST ARGUED BEFORE THE SUPREME COURT A FEW DAYS AGO. And here is the mindset of the Government at work in front of the U.S. Supreme Court from Mr. Michael Dreeeben Deputy Solicitor General for the United States; opening statement right at the outset: "Convicted Sex Offenders pose a serious THREAT to public safety. . . ." Justice Kennedy made this same statement in the decision from SMITH V DOE also. So lets see: Marathon bombers, drug dealers, open crime on the streets, "gang-bangers," domestic violence, shootings everywhere etc. - now lets look right to the governments of America itself: graft, corruption, stealing, embezzlement, all kinds of torrid sexual exposures to the media, cover-ups, behind the scenes closed door Wheeling to get their way no matter who it hits or hurts, random violence but yet, sex offenders are a threat to public safety. Need I go on here? No one stands up for any sexual offender and after you have served your time, and supervision, are you still a sex offender after 5 years, 10 years? But having to register with the police, you have to "perpetually" acknowledge you are indeed a sex offender all of the time, and even if you have altered the course of your conduct, there is no legal escape from the perpetual registration requirements foisted upon you. Bombings, drug dealers, gang-bangers etc. appear to NOT be a threat to public safety, just sex offenders.