Monday, April 15, 2013

WI - Proposal would leave few places for some sex offenders

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RACINE - An ordinance proposal that would prevent violent or child sex offenders placed in Racine from residing within 1,000 feet of locations where children spend time would make most areas of the city off-limits to such offenders.

A review by The Journal Times of a map drafted for the City Council’s Public Safety and Licensing Committee reveals only small pockets where such offenders could live.

Under the current version of the proposed ordinance, violent or child sex offenders locating to Racine would be banned from residing within 1,000 feet of a school, day care center, library, park, playground, swimming pool or house of worship.

If those restrictions were to be approved, the entire Downtown area would be off-limits to such offenders, as would many residential areas close to Downtown, save a small section of blocks south of Washington Avenue and 14th Street.

Most of the near north side would also be off-limits under the proposed ordinance, excluding a few small patches, like a small spot north of Shoreland Drive and east of Douglas Avenue. Much of the near south side also would be off-limits.

More areas would be available farther north and south, but not many. The map shows a few blocks available north of Romayne Avenue and a small area just south of the airport around Goold Avenue and Rapids Drive.

There also would be a handful of small areas available on the city’s far south and far west sides.

The City Council is slated to take up final consideration of the measure tonight at its 7 p.m. meeting at City Hall, 730 Washington Ave.

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Mark said...

I wonder if a sex offender will just lie in wait at the 1005 foot mark - be legal and then attack? Yep 1000 feet will do it. go for it Racine, it will make all of you in charge look really intelligent and caring, oh and yes, "SAFER" too won't it?