Saturday, April 13, 2013

OR - State rep. working on bill to regulate sex offender clinics

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By Kate Cagle

PORTLAND (KPTV) - Months after community outrage forced a sex offender therapy clinic out of Sellwood, the counseling center has a new home and new neighbors pushing back.

Whole Systems Counseling opened its doors in March inside a business complex on Southeast 126th and Stark. Inside the same business center are lawyers, other therapists and medical offices.

One of the clinic's new neighbors is Oregon state Rep. Jessica Vega Pederson who is now working on legislation to regulate where clinics like Whole Systems can be located.

"My therapist is right around the corner here," said neighbor Travis Murphy. "She called and told me not to let my son walk to therapy by himself anymore."

Murphy said neighbors did not receive any notice from Whole Systems that they were moving in, but that concern spread through word-of-mouth.

There is now a petition circulating to force the clinic to move once again.

Whole Systems provides therapy for sex offenders, their families and victims. Their website claims the clinic is working with community members, legislators and clients to create guidelines for sex offender therapy clinics.

"The goal of the task force will be to examine the current process in Oregon for counseling office site selection," according to the website.

There is also a link where people can volunteer and additional information about how the clinic operates.

Rep. Vega Pederson says she is also seeking input into where sex offender offices should be allowed to operate.

She will be attending a community meeting April 30 at 7 p.m. at David Douglas High School.


tom said...

I agree Mark. It is a game of cat and mouse. They tell us to get treatment Pay for it or you are going to go to jail! They then pass LAWS against clinics from Opening up and "Helping the SEX OFFENDERS". The sex offender is then harassed and run out! I mean where is the justice really? They roll out a new "Bill" every time some mother freaks out! The sex offender has to either move or a treatment center has to close?. The cat just keeps chasing the mouse all over the place! New "Bill" All Sex Offenders report to treatment or face 10 years in prison! Retroactive immediately!
Sex offender; You closed them all!
State; Then report to your local jail or wait to be picked up by the local police department!

Time is coming I can see it. I just tried to get off the registry here in Oregon and was even considered by the court NOT TO BE A THREAT OR A DANGER! Yet because of wording NOTHING MORE Than a technical glitch in the wording I have to remain on for LIFE! I spent $3,500.00 Dollars and got NOTHING from the courts! Thing is Sex offenders are a great group to have around. What other group of people (Other than the Jews) do we have? This is an easy group of people to hit! We are weak we are viewed as animals less than human. This is a common way sex offenders view there prey as well. (Or so "They say") So Tougher legislation is used as a way to climb the ladder of success! Cat and mouse.
I hope the cat gets full soon!

deathklok said...

"She will be attending a community meeting April 30 at 7 p.m. at David Douglas High School."

Does any one else feel that a school was chosen in order to prevent registrants from being allowed to attend; therefore chilling any opposition to their proposals in this meeting. I guess they don't believe in democracy and a free electoral system.