Thursday, April 25, 2013

OK - Sex offender compliance checks find few astray

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Well if people would look at the facts instead of just believing what they want to believe, they will see that most offenders obey the laws, as shown in this article, and most to not re-offend.


By Dylan Goforth

CHEROKEE COUNTY - Two days of compliance checks on convicted sex offenders living in Cherokee County turned up good news and few offenders.

District 27 District Attorney Brian Kuester said of the more than 100 checks done, only a handful of sex offenders were found out of compliance.

It does happen (that they’re out of compliance),” Kuester said. “But based on the numbers we’re seeing, maybe not as often as we might think.”

It’s good news. The public can take some solace in the fact that at least, based on today, the vast majority of offenders are living where they’re supposed to be living.”

Kuester said the low numbers of offenders means that efforts such as this week’s operation work and are needed.

I don’t think those low numbers take away from the operation,” he said. “It validates it, in a way. It means the offenders know that we will follow up and check where they live.”
- Not really, it just shows that offenders are obeying the laws put into place, no matter how draconian and unconstitutional, not because your compliance checks are working, but you keep drinking the kool-aid.

The operation, which included officers from six agencies, also exposed two situations that required law enforcers to take action.

[name withheld], 70, was arrested early Tuesday during a check after authorities said they found evidence of vast amounts of child pornography at his home.

Elizabeth Crockett, an investigator on Kuester’s staff, said [name withheld]  who was convicted in 2002 of lewd or indecent proposals/acts to a child and received a 10-year suspended sentence, admitted to viewing child pornography.

He said he’d been looking at it since July of 2012,” Crockett said. “We obtained a search warrant and got a computer, 10 hard drives, about 30 VHS tapes that need to be analyzed.”

Crockett said the evidence would likely be sent to the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation.

Kuester said two children were removed Tuesday from a home that was in terrible shape.

Authorities were in the Briggs area looking for [name withheld], 55, when the children were found.

There were a couple children found in just horrible living conditions,” Kuester said. “(Department of Human Services) came and took the kids. That was one benefit of the operation. Those children are safe and will be placed in a better environment.”

[name withheld] was arrested a few miles away after it was discovered he wasn’t living at his registered address.

Cherokee County Sheriff’s Deputy Bryan Qualls, who was part of the operation, said it appeared to be working.

Based on what we’ve seen, it looks like most people are in compliance, which is what you want to see,” he said. “I hope we do more of these. I’d like to do at least two a year.”

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