Wednesday, April 3, 2013 and other mug shot sites are putting ex-sex offenders, families, children and innocent people's lives in danger!

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I just moved to a new house. Shortly after moving in, I found out that a previous tenant had been a registered sex offender with his address (now my address) listed. Although the state sex offender registry rightfully has delisted my address, it is still listed on private Internet registries who have not responded to my request to remove my address. One site,, even wants me to pay them 200 dollars, otherwise they will NEVER take it off! I really don't have the money for a lawyer to fight this, but I've had two windows broken and my car key-scratched, as well as get late-night honks and shouts of "pervert!" all the time, and I'm frankly scared for my family's safety. Local law enforcement is powerless to do anything. What can I do?

Contact the attorney general's consumer protection office and see if they can help or point you in the right direction. It is almost extortion to make you pay to have information corrected. The sex offender's name and associated address is supposed to be the information supplied to the public not an address. You may have an injury suit and if a personal injury attorney took the case, they work for a percentage of anything collected, not an upfront fee.


Bitgod said...

The site is gone or down, and if it comes back up, I will be going after their database if they want to screw with people. They will think twice before messing with me.

SOIssues said...

The site is not down. Originally had sex offender info, then when people started complaining, they moved the sex offender stuff over to:

The link in the article above goes to the OffendExtortion web site, who are suing these folks.

Eric Knight said...

You may also wish to link to the federal lawsuit that Janice Bellucci of California Reform Sex Offender Laws filed in Los Angeles recently against Offendex, SORarchives, and Online Detective, as posted by you here:

SOIssues said...

I guess you missed my comment below?

Eric Knight said...

Sorry... I was just responding to the article, I didn't see your comment itself. I'll make sure to look more closely.

the truth101 said...

I noticed it seems that the people doing the harassing never have the balls to confront the person one on one. It's always honking or damaging property in the middle of the night. If they do confront someone, it's with a group of people. What a bunch of cowards.