Thursday, April 18, 2013

NJ - Just the usual media vigilantism and fear mongering as well as disinformation

In the second video they try to tell you that having ex-offenders wearing GPS is why there is a low recidivism rate, but the facts are, ex-offenders have a low recidivism rate in the first place, so GPS is not why. Just the usual media vigilantism, fear mongering and disinformation as usual.


Mark said...

This second video bespeaks the nature of those who think they are doing "good," by lying, skewing facts, twisting statistics, in order to secure a position to scare people, generate paranoia, hatred, and to those who insist upon GPS - ing sex offenders as though sex offenders are the most dangerous creatures on earth. The question I have for all is this: why do these persons who report all of this convoluted facts are allowed to do this without any form of resistance, law suits, or even mass rebellion allowing the lies to propagate in their propagandist mental illness upon America? This second video exemplifies the mind set that sex offenders are truly "repetitive, compulsive" and conclusively presumed that all sex offenders are truly dangerous and a threat to domestic security.

Mark said...

GPS, unqualified counciling that report to probation, polygraphs, and probation fees everyone gets a taste and everyone gets paid.

Here is a list of the fees that ex offenders can pay per month/week/day

Probation $40-50 a month
GPS (PA) $10 a Day
Computer monitoring $40 per month
Group counciling $40-50 a week
Polygraph $300-$600 once or twice a year.

I was in group with a guy that had all of these fall in the same month and we added his March of 2012 expenses for being an ex-offender @

$300 GPS
$160 group
$300 polygraph
$40 computer monitoring
$50 probation fee

$850!!! For one month because he needed to go back and forth to New Jersey to drive his son.

Less anyone think that protecting your children is the reason for all this, take a look at how many children die because of guns vs. Ex offenders and read what your elected officials are doing about both issues side by side.