Tuesday, April 30, 2013

MO - House endorses sex offender legislation

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JEFFERSON CITY (AP) - Missouri House members have approved legislation (PDF) that would make changes to the sex offender registry.

Sex offenders would be grouped into three tiers with each considered to have a different risk of committing another offense. Eventually, people could file a petition in court and ask to be removed from the registry. How long they would need to wait before filing a petition would vary depending on their tier.

Part of the legislation also seeks to increase the penalty for incest, child rape and child abuse resulting in death. Another portion adjusts the definition of rape to include instances in which a woman has become incapacitated because of the actions of a third person.

The legislation approved 101-52 on Monday now goes to the Senate.

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Mark said...

Let us be complaint with the ADAM WALSH ACT. Major yawn, and tier levels mean little except for the amount of information disseminated to the public. The trouble is society actually believes a person is very dangerous tiered as as a level three. Bear in mind that all sex offender registry laws are "OFFENSE BASED" criteria, and if you have at least two (or more crimes), in the past, you are "CONCLUSIVELY PRESUMED" to be dangerous determined by statute, implicitly written in the registry laws, and these laws have actually by-passed a JUDICIAL determination whether or not you are a confirmed recidivist, instead, it is mainly left up to registry boards. THINK, THINK!!!!