Friday, April 12, 2013

IL - Bolingbrook Man Wants Neighbors to Know He's Not a Sex Offender

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Once again, more proof the registry is used to harass ex-offenders, and in this case, innocent people. And the mug shot sites having outdated information causing innocent people harm. This is why the online registry needs to be taken offline and used by police only, and all the mug shot sites need to be taken down.  This is also why you should not trust any site showing criminal records if they are not government run, and even then things could be wrong!


By Melissa Sersland

A Bolingbrook resident living in the former home of a registered child sex offender has received verbal insults and obscene gestures from passersby.

When Fred Cook moved into his Bolingbrook home a few years ago, he noticed something very strange.

When he would stand outside his home at Briarcliff Road and Route 53, the passengers in passing cars would give him dirty looks. Some would flip him off.

Over time, he noticed the attention becoming more hostile. People started yelling at him.

Once, while he was playing with his daughter in the front yard, someone shouted out the window, "Run girl, run!"

Cook lives in the former home of a registered child sex offender. This offender, named [name withheld], was charged with aggravated criminal sexual abuse of a 14-year-old when he was 18.

[name withheld] became non-compliant and failed to update Illinois authorities about his whereabouts, as is required by law. Unfortunately for Cook, the Bolingbrook address was still listed in the Illinois Child Sex Offender Registry and other sites that list sex offender records, like ""

On multiple occasions, Cook said, police would arrive at his home looking for [name withheld].  Cook would prove that he was not [name withheld], who is a 5'5" redhead. Then he would have to prove that [name withheld] did not still live in the home.

It took months, he said, of contacting several law enforcement agencies to have the Illinois Child Sex Offender Registry site updated with [name withheld]'s true location -- Gaylord, MI.

Cook said he supports informing the community where sex offenders live, but he wants that information to be correct.

His address is still listed on these websites:


Randy said...

This dude needs to be talking to an attorney about lawsuits against Illinois state and persons who are harassing. His reputation is ruined no matter what he tells the community.

g4change said...

SPOT ON!!! He needs to sue the pants off that county and the state. This is WRECKLESS!!!!