Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter - Cardboard Testimonies

I wonder what a video like this would look like for ex-offenders and their families?

NOTE: The above are from the video with the text modified, just as an example.

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Matthias said...

My Celebrate Recovery program did this last October. After reading your "I wonder if" photo's modified text, it's not quite on the theme. Cardboard testimonies are about how we screwed up (side A) and how God is still blessing us anyway (side B).

For instance, my sign said this: (Side A) Registered Sex Offender (Side B) Still Registered in the Lamb's Book of Life.

Other one's I've done touch on how God lets me lead a small group helping others who were sexually addicted BEFORE they make a mistake like I did.

One we did in a more public setting said (Side A) After being Born Again, fell into Porn Again (Side B) CR taught me how to be, through Jesus, Porn Free!

I love your website. I come here every day, and it's the BEST online resource to keep apprised of the current state of things.

But those of us who are Christians, we need to remember that despite our screw up and despite how horribly we a treated because of those mistakes, God knows our hearts and will continue to bless us if we trust in him.

That's what cardboard testimonies are all about: Showing the world that God trusts us, even if they don't. :)

Love to you all! Keep up the amazing work!