Friday, April 12, 2013

CA - New bill would give tougher punishments to paroled sex offenders who cut their GPS trackers

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You will notice in the video below, many inmates are wearing pink clothes. Sound familiar? It should, Hitler did that to prisoners as well, as you can see here.


By Nannette Miranda

SACRAMENTO - The jump in the number of high-risk sex offenders who are cutting off their GPS ankle trackers is actually bigger than previously thought.

The number has almost doubled since the prison realignment policy change in October 2011, which sends parolees to county jail instead of state prison for certain relatively minor violations.

In the 15 months prior to the policy change, 3,117 warrants were issued for sex offender fugitives; the 15 months following the policy change, nearly 5,000 warrants were issued - a 58 percent increase.

Previously, 30 percent of paroled sex offenders had cut off their monitors.

"If someone absconds, we go after them and 92% of the time, we catch them and we do so within 12 days on average."

But since realignment, being recaptured means only a few days at the local lockup, but if that facility is overcrowded, it could mean no jail time at all.

Critics said that's why more and more parolees are ditching their GPS: the consequences are weak.

"Clearly, they're not cutting them off to have a drink of a cup of coffee unmonitored," Sen. Ted Lieu said. "They're cutting them off because they want opportunities to commit new crimes."
- You will notice he doesn't bother to show facts about how many have cut off their GPS and committed another crime, related or not, it's just his personal opinion.  We are sure this may be the case for some, but a vast majority do it so they can have somewhat of a normal life, get a job, home, etc.

Take the recent Stockton case of [name withheld], a high-risk paroled sex offender who was in and out of jail for months charged with drugs and repeatedly disabling his GPS tracker. [name withheld] wasn't a fugitive for the GPS issue, but he was supposed to be in jail for a different parole violation; however, due to overcrowding he was released early.
- So if it wasn't about cutting off his GPS and committing another crime, why bring it up?

"He received a 30-sentence and was released the next day," San Joaquin County Deputy District Attroney Sherri Adams said on Feb. 28.

A few days later, police arrested him for killing and raping his 76-year-old grandmother.
- Okay, so lock him up for life for killing someone just like you'd do with anybody else.  But, this has nothing to do with cutting off GPS, it's about the prison realignment, and is relevant to this story, in our opinion.

Lieu has a proposal that puts parolees who cut off their electronic monitors back in state prison.

"What the studies show are that if you're a sex offender not on GPS monitoring, your rate of recidivism increases three times," Lieu said.
- Again, not true, just a personal opinion.  The facts are that sex offenders have one of the lowest re-offense rates of all other criminals, but you don't hear him complaining about all the other criminals who commit further crimes, related or not.

The Senate Public Safety Committee is set to hear Lieu's bill in a couple of weeks. However, lawmakers and Gov. Jerry Brown have been reluctant to send more people to prison because of a court order to reduce the prison population.


Mark said...

After 18+ years in the legal world (and out now - thankfully), I am truly convinced the state governments have no answer(s) for any crime, so they pump out draconian laws to "sooth" the population and by doing so, have pushed constitutional limits to the brink of destruction right under the respective noses of America in order to be viewed as "tough" on crime. And how many "experts" have we all listened to viz: psychologists, psychiatrists, penologists, police, counselors, and so on give wonderful rational, cogent explanations to crime(s), yet nothing really changes except for more laws and more interviews. Think on this: the dialectic process is most effective when applied to a group - thus involving a "group dynamic" which early dialectic practitioners discovered was the most effective way to transition individuals from a fixed, or "didactic" point of view. In short, it is much much easier to change individuals formed into a group(s), than to change one individual. Watch out for "GROUP THINK."

NJ45143112 said...

Well, isn't this rich!
The state gets a black eye for tagging SO's with shoddy tracking monitors and now some dolt steps up to save the day with another bonehead bill!
The first thing that comes to my mind is the alternate usage of the word "lieu":
1. "In lieu of any facts..."
2. "In lieu of any research..."
3. "In lieu of alternatives..."

4. "In lieu of registry requirements and residency restrictions..."

The first three are the typical response to difficult situations: try and look tough and cover the whole thing up!
The last one is what they should have been thinking in the first place: support the individual instead of treating him like a lab rat!

So, in lieu of a brain, empathy, solid facts or even a hint of research, our representation is set on a path of idiocy that will serve nobody and perpetuate a problem that cannot solve itself...
Nice going guys!

NJ45143112 said...

I heartily agree...
When dealing with groups, there is no need for empathy or even rationality...
Corporations, groups or even mobs have a life of their own as soon as they are labeled as such. So, once the terms "sex offender" was coined and then placed next to the name of the individual, that individual lost their identity and became nothing more than a member of the group...
Said group, in the public's eye, is the source of ultimate evil in America and effectively diverts most attention from the evil perpetrated upon the public by the very government that everyone seems to think is protecting them!
Why does nobody ever think of all the Christians that were thrown to the lions in ancient Rome? What about the Jews during WWII?
How many other examples of propaganda at the expense of the populace does history hold?