Tuesday, March 19, 2013

WI - Neighbors meet to discuss sex offender's release

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By Shelby Croft

MILWAUKEE - A notorious sex offender is about to be released from prison, and will move into a Milwaukee neighborhood with another sex offender.

People living near the Van Beck Avenue neighborhood on the city's south side met at St. Veronica Church with city officials about the situation.

[name withheld #1] was convicted in the 1990s of sexually assaulting two women. [name withheld #2] was convicted more than 20 years ago of raping several family members. After finishing their sentences, both were housed in a secure facility, where they received treatment.

Now, they're about to be released from the system, and plan to live together.

"This is a quiet, stable neighborhood, where we hoped to raise a family," said neighbor John Tindall. He has two children, and from their back yard, they can see the home where [name withheld #1] and [name withheld #2] will live.

Milwaukee county district attorney John Chisolm organized Monday's meeting. He says there's nothing authorities can do to stop the men from moving in. But he says the men will be on supervised release, with GPS monitoring and a supervisor with them any time they leave their house.

While neighbors learned what they should do if they suspected the men were violating the conditions of their release, many told 12 News they wish they didn't have to be the eyes and ears for officials.


Loneranger said...

they paint a very dire situation. For all I know it might be. however once again these laws that are supposed to protect everyone have only added more fear. One has to think if they don't want to be the eyes and ears of the police maybe these laws are not what they really want. sometimes ignorance is bliss. but as long as the police are willing to let the populous do their job for them and not saying they do it very well or effectively they are going to keep the program going. the people will live in fear when maybe none is needed and if there is cause for alarm maybe it's to big a job for the average lookie lue to handle. Well you asked to be the eyes and ears and what ever vigilante group you want to call yourselves these days. But when it really looks like it might be a problem you want out. Might be a good time to rethink this entire program. Maybe spend more time with your kids and less time trying to figure out who to watch. One might be a much better use of your time. considering if you did that your kids will be much safer well considering most abuse happens in the home maybe not.

Mark said...

Hey Jed, you get the tar, and Billy you get the feathers. When these two pieces of *&^%$# show up, we will get em both. And the area will be "SAFE." Lets go! Thank you God for letting me and Billy do your work - amen.