Thursday, March 7, 2013

The solution to rape is to train men not to rape women?

What about women who rape men? Or women who rob, beat or commit other crimes against men? Men are not the only ones who commit crime! And they are not dogs that need to be trained! This is the same man hating mentality as this article. Man I cannot stand Feminazi's!

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Anonymous said...

There is no way to ever stop rape. There will always be someone who will rape others. Much like there wil lalways be people who will lie, cheat, steal and murder. It is jsut a fact of being human that some of us are evil. Thus no about of saying "don't rape" will stop it.
However what would work much better then making every young man think he is some sort of rapist waiting to strike is to teach all our children to respect others. Both boys and girls.
Respect is what it comes down to in the end. Respect boundries, respect other people's freedoms, respect other people enough not to think they need to be brainwashed.

This woman could use a bit of respect for others.She seems to see all men as potential rapists and that is insane. (also probably a horrible way to live when you think about it)

She also seems to be living in a world where she thinks if she screams loud enough that facts will change and the world will be like her vision. This simply is not true.
Everyone needs to be congnsiant of what real dangers are out there and assess threats and situations realistically and take measures to protect herself. You wouldn't walk down a dark alley in the ghetto at night screaming racial slurs and expect not to get attacked simply because we have freedom of speech and it technically is not illegal to do that and assaulting people is illegal. So why does she think that she can say "change everyone else cuz they are the bad guys and I wont protect myself cuz I shouldn't have to"