Sunday, March 17, 2013

PA - Adam Walsh Act

The following was sent to us via the contact form and posted with the users permission. The name has been abbreviated for their own protection.

By Robert:
Hello, I'm a RSO (Registered Sex Offender) and a regular visitor of this site. I recently had my registration period changed from a 10 year plea bargain to a tier III offender under AWA (Wikipedia). I noticed on the state registry 90 percent were listed as tier III. I had brought up the fact I was really bothered being a tier III in sex offender treatment class and having to register every three months for the rest of my life when my plea bargain clearly stated 10 year Megan's law (Wikipedia), and the counselor's who are female's told me "it was what I deserved because I had caused my victim a lifetime of pain"! And I have to sit there and take it or they can find a reason to unsuccessfully discharge me from the mandated program and that would violate my probation. I took a nolo contendere (Wikipedia) plea and can't even maintain my innocence as I would be discharged from the treatment program for denial. My charges are misdemeanor's and since I have two of them I'm a tier III offender automatically based on that alone, not on the risk level I impose on the community, although the community sees me as a high risk worst of the worst offenders now. There is no logic or justice in any of the sex offender laws in this country and we need to change them. I recently joined my local chapter of RSOL PA and plan to advocate for changes in these laws, not so much for my sake as for my family's I have kids who are very affected by the registry. Please any direction or advice you could give me on advocating would be greatly appreciated.



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For the longer term, consider moving to a state that does not have such draconian enforcement or interpretation of the Ex-SO laws. In 2004 I retired and moved to Oregon. On a trip back from Arizona I was arrested in CA for not registering, even though I was registered in OR.
In CA there is a one million dollar bail required for my failure to register ao I sat out 42 days in the county jail and ultimately pled guilty. I just finished four years probation and am heading back to Oregon.
(Dont plan on moving to CA)

You might check with your local ACLU to determine if there is a short-range solution.

Mt latest book' Is that a Sexual Predator hiding behind that badge? has the latest legal research through 2012 pn SO laws. You can read it at no charge at

Keep your chin up!

Mark said...

You did not state the age of the victim. or if you are under supervision. If you have any sexual prior, you are dead meat. You are required to register for life under the Adam Walsh act. In fact, the registry board actually have no choice but to follow the mandates of SORNA and the cognate state law which is a clone of the Adam Walsh act, and for the most part, designate you as a level III. The trial courts actually have no legal jurisdiction to tell you how long you will register or not. If the victim is under age, this is especially egregious under the SORNA laws As to the "therapists;" They in your particular matter, are not your friend.They want to cull information from you to collect statistical data, search out your "modus operandi - keep you under their thumbs, and treat you as though you are a sexual psychopath because you have no feelings for the regard of others and that is the reason you got that statement from them yet, they want to be your friend. All under the guise of "TREATMENT." The conclusive presumption that prevails is that if you have committed a sex crime, you are conclusively presumed dangerous, and unable to stop the behavior. It is the conviction, not anything else.Robert. Why do you think their are so ,many female "counselors" involved in sex offender "treatment?" If one commits sex crimes, it is assumed that a person cannot relate to women their own age and so on. This is especially so for men who have committed a crime against a child. So they load up these sessions everywhere with women whom they believe you simply cannot relate to. And they watch you squirm in front of them.Quite a crafty operative package when you have witnessed it from my legal view for a number of years!!

mike said...

Ok another problem is for my crime i never had to register for megans law and now i just got done with 2 years of probation is pa i now have to register under the adam walsh act for 15 years. and also u have people under megans law for 10 years and they cud be on their 9th year and then be put on the act for another 15 years i think there shud me time served..... its wrong of them to call it not a punishment.

jason said...

I also was not supposed to be on megans law until the walsh act