Sunday, March 3, 2013

NY - What is the real agenda?

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Why was my family used to try to make a legal precedent? The reason why is that their hasn’t been a case yet were any class of people, because of there mere presence was considered neglect so that CPS can take your children. Just for you being with your family. This is being done all over the country to veterans also. How long before this precedent get turned on gun owners as well as other classes of people.

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Mark said...

I have to scratch my head about this guy. I heard him on another media outlet discussing how he was accused of some type of child molestation and then gave the police all they needed for his arrest. Now I cannot say how he fared with the police but if it were me, they would have to torture me to admit to this type of crime knowing full well that I did not engage in that behavior. Once he made some "admission(s), under police pressure and they got their "statement," it was over for this guy. Veteran notwithstanding. He did not have enough wherewithal to demand a lawyer at the interrogation? And then he is in court and enters into a "plea-bargain" because they threatened him with decades in prison? No wonder he is a registered sex offender!!! Having been in the legal world for over 18 years I can fully understand the crushing fear and anxiety one will go through Since he in all effects plead guilty, the state has now seized upon this to just roll over him and they will continue until he can prove he is in fact not guilty of the crime(s) changed. No amount of videos, letters, contacting agencies and the like will ever relieve him of the label he admitted to.