Saturday, March 9, 2013

NY - Subway riders may soon be sharing trains with sex offenders

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Yet another politician trying to make a name for himself, and showing that the laws are about punishment, therefore unconstitutional. See the video at the link above.


By Ellyn Marks

TIMES SQUARE (PIX11) - Subway stations all over the city, like the one in Times Square, fill their tiled walls with advertisements and art, but will posters of a different nature soon take over? Particularly, the faces of convicted sex offenders.

If one councilman in Queens has his way, Subway passengers will soon be sharing stations with these posters.

Councilman Peter Vallone, Chair of the Public Safety Committee, has proposed to create a wall-of-shame of sorts. The offender’s face will be posted where he or she committed the crime as well as in the neighborhood they live in.

This is enthusiasm!
Vallone sees it as an extension of sex registry and another way to shame sex offenders so they do not attack again.

Critics of the proposal say it’s unconstitutional, but Vallone says former MTA Chairman Joe Lhota, who is now a candidate for mayor, is enthusiastic about featuring mug shots in subway stations.

However, today a spokesperson for the MTA told PIX11′s Ellyn marks that the agency is against the idea because it raises all kinds of issues, including the chance of mistaken identity and vigilantism.

Vallone will introduce the proposal to City Council on Monday.


Mark said...

Where does this stop? How long will it take for a sex offender to get pushed onto the oncoming subway car by a do-gooder, or a group of "concerned," "righteous," Pius people?

nathan rabalais said...

now if this happens how many innocent people will be killed because of someones stupidity

deathklok said...

"Hey daddy look, there's a picture of you on the wall." meanwhile a few concerned citizens are on their cellphone dialing the local authorities about a possible abduction.

SOIssues said...


Mark said...

A good one deathklok!!!!! A good one. I am sorry I did not think of this one!