Monday, March 11, 2013

NY - Cop's cannibal fantasies a (thought) crime?

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We all know the police and government would just love to charge people with "though" crimes (Minority Report), but this raises a question.

If they say they cannot charge him with anything because it's a fantasy, then what about others who have twisted fantasies?

Should viewing child porn be put into the same situation if a person is simply viewing it and has not acted on anything?

NOTE: We are not saying child porn should be legal, we are simply posing a question.

And what about other fantasies where someone thinks about it but has never acted on it? Like threatening someones life? Threatening to bomb something, etc? Should thoughts be a crime? If so, then maybe we should arrest many in the general population for their thoughts!


Explore Nature said...

This is not practical, on the other hand people must have a right to think .

the truth101 said...

"If so, then maybe we should arrest many in the general population for their thoughts!"

More like everyone would be arrested. I doubt that there is a person on Earth that has never had a violent thought at some point in their lives.

SOIssues said...

Our point exactly.

Loneranger said...

Ok for the sake of argument i will point out that there is a difference between threatening to do something as in a bomb threat and threatening to kill someone. Granted we all have said I'm going to kill someone and I'm sure unless they felt you really meant it nothing happened. however in cases like that it went from brain to mouth possibly inciting fear and well that is a crime. but if you can think what you want as long as there is no hard evidence. getting back to this. I do understand where your going and yes there isn't a living sole that hasn't at one time in their life thought about something that could be a crime if acted on. So there is a fine line between thinking and saying or acting on something. Personally think what you want just don't make it public.