Thursday, March 14, 2013

MI - Snyder signs bill adding about 250 people to sex offender registry

Senator Rick Jones
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More people will be added to Michigan's public online sex offender registry now that Governor Rick Snyder has signed a bill expanding it.

Snyder signed the bill Tuesday. Some people convicted of a Tier One offense involving minors will now be included on the online list. Tier One offenses include possessing child pornography and surveillance of a minor.

Republican state Senator Rick Jones sponsored the bill. He says these types of offenders used to be listed on a registry that was only available to police.

"However, it was brought to my attention by the police that about 250 people on the level one have committed crimes against children."

Jones said adding tier one offenders to the registry will help parents and guardians better protect their children. But critics argue the change will prevent people who've already paid their debts to society from fully rehabilitating.


nathan rabalais said...

is this guy an idiot does he not know by doing this he has put there lives and also there famlies lifes in danger i hope he sleeps well when he did this

NJ45143112 said...

"It was brought to my attention..."

How? By whom? The police? In what respect? For what reason? Fill in the gaps here Governor!!

This smarmy piece of human garbage is another example of political self-aggrandizement at it's worst! To just look at his idiotic grin makes me want to throw a brick!

Mark said...

A close read of the new Adam Walsh Guidelines - it mandates the exposure of level one offenders to the public. So this dope now looks like a Holy one to his constituents.

Mark said...

Now, now there NJ45143112, you will be pinched for tossing bricks in spite of your very relevant questions. Enjoy your government at work. His smile, yes, he is posing for his accolades you know.