Saturday, March 23, 2013

ME - Man admits to police he killed sex offender by overdose

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By Samantha Edwards

MOLUNKUS TOWNSHIP (NEWS CENTER) - Information about the events leading up to last week's murder suicide continues to unravel. An affidavit filed in Lincoln District Court states Bruce King, 59, also known as Bruce Heal admitted to killing Lawrence Lewis, 68, by forcing him to overdose on medication.

According to a newly released affidavit, days before the body of Lawrence Lewis was found in his Molunkus home he told his son he was worried. State Police Detective Darrin Crane said in a sworn statement, Lewis' son David "last spoke with his father on Thursday, March 7, 2013. Lawrence expressed concerns about a 'hit' placed on him after it had become known that he was a registered sex offender."

Lawrence Lewis was a registered sex offender in Maine, convicted in the 90's for sexually assaulting a child.

During the four hour stand-off with police on I-95, police said King told them he killed Lewis because "he had reported Lewis for molesting children and no one was doing anything."

The document goes on to state, King "killed Lewis by forcing him to take two bottles of nitroglycerin and one bottle of 'psych' meds."

Police also interviewed King's new wife, [name withheld], they said she told them King said on multiple occasions that he was going to kill Lewis because he was molesting kids.

Although the affidavit states King told police how he killed Lewis, state police have not confirmed the cause of death. It could be months until it is confirmed.

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