Tuesday, March 5, 2013

MD - Maryland Court of Appeals: Retroactive Sex Offender Law is Unconstitutional

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On March 4, 2013 the Maryland Court of Appeals ruled that retroactively requiring a person to register as a sex offender in accordance with laws created in 2009 and 2010 violates the prohibition against ex post facto laws contained in Article 17 of the Maryland Declaration of Rights. The video shows the oral argument that took place prior to this decision - the oral argument was held 09-07-12.

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jamescoulton said...

i pled guilty to a 4th degree misdermenor because i was told that i would get out that day and be able to appeal it, then i went home to florida and was pulled from a hospital bed and taken to jail and told that if i didnt sign up i would be gharged with a felony. i then had to live in the bushes as a transient because nobody would hire me or rent to me, and in order to not pay 35 dollars every time i slept in doors i was forced to register as a transient or face jail time and a felont. i moved to bell county ky, to get away from that, then they made me register for life, i fled to california where they said it was ex post facto and i was able to have a life and save for a lawyer , until i was stopped by a cop and arrested and charged with a felony. i posted 3000 dollars bond , the rumors started , the cop destroyed my family and relationships, with buisiness and loved ones, he then had me extradited to ky in chains in the back of a van for 5 days and nights to face felony charges in ky. i sat in a jailcell for 6 months and had to plea to a felony in bell county ky. just to get out or id still be there indefinately, and was released today. my life has been ruined and ive lost everything ive ever worked for and have been alienated by every one ive ever known. im homeless now and only have the rags im wearing. all over a 4th degree misdermenor im md. its escalated into this. who will hire a homeless felon sex offender? all because of a 4th degree misdermenod i didnt even do. the only support is the family of the so called victim and her family who think this has been blown way beyond belief. I couldnt make this up. this is just the tip of it . every body wants to think theyre saving the kids , but wtf !!! save it for the real bad guys. ive been dealing with this for 5 years now. the law was repealed but the damage in still happening. can anyone help me? even my own daughter shuns me now, sincerely james coulton