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GA - Local law enforcement raises awareness of sex offenders

Rebecca Cranford
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Ms. Cranford clearly knows nothing about the laws she is paid to enforce. Not all ex-sex offenders have to stay 1,000 feet away from places, some can live anywhere they wish, and people can petition to get off the list, which she said in the other article below, that you cannot. Don't believe this lady, investigate the laws for yourself, which you can find in 42-1-12 - 42-1-19 in the Georgia code. How can you "educate" people when you don't even know the laws?


By Courtney Highfield

ALBANY - City Commissioner Ivey Hines held a town meeting Saturday morning and asked Lt. Rebecca Cranford with the Dougherty County Sheriff's Department to come speak about an issue he feels needs attention.

Lt. Cranford spoke to the public today about laws regarding sex offenders. Cranford says there are a lot of misconceptions. One of those misconceptions deals with proximity for sex offenders. Cranford says the law requires sex offenders to not reside within 1,000 feet of a school or children's area.
- Not exactly true.  Not all ex-offenders have this limitation.  Some can live anywhere they wish and go anywhere they wish.

For sex offenders, their restrictions are not all the same either. Each individual holds a different set of restrictions based on the offenders registered date of offense.
- Exactly!  But this article and the one linked below, is full of discrepancies.

Cranford said there are 321 registered sex offenders in the area and while that seems like a large number, she said its not something to be alarmed about. She stressed to the public just how closely the police department monitors these offenders.

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