Wednesday, March 20, 2013

FL - Police Women of Cincinnati - Partiers Won't Open Door (GET A WARRANT!)

You do NOT have to open the door for the police, period!!! They can come back with a search warrant. See the second video below.


Bill said...

Beginning July first of this year those on the registry in Nevada can be searched without warrant or cause by an officer at any time. The search parameters include the registrant, his car, and his home. Also the registrants spouse may also be compelled to testify against them. Just thought I would give you a heads up so in the future you can modify your statement, "You do NOT have to open the door for the police, period!!! They can come back with a search warrant."

SOIssues said...

Do you have a link to the law you mention above?

Mark said...

Well, well, well, the Nazi spirit has arrived in America If a sex offender is not on parole or probation, the police WITHOUT PROBABLE CAUSE under the Fourth Amendment cannot act in this capacity - PERIOD. The Fourth Amendment was erected to precisely halt or prohibit GOVERNMENTAL INTRUSION on "privacy," against a private citizen. I suspect the state is trying to "push" the envelop of the Fourth Amendment to see just how far they can go. And make sure of a law suit follows, to study the state constitution under unreasonable search and seizures. One may fair better arguing under the state constitution as opposed to the gutted U.S. Constitution. If this appears to be a national trend, look out! If possible keep your vehicles well within your property line and your trash also well within your property. If a car is on the street, it is fair game as well as your trash being on the sidewalks! see CALIFORNIA V GREENWOOD, 468 U.S. 35 (1988). This has set the prescient for the Fourth Amendment under the U.S. Constitution and has not been abrogated! Beware!