Thursday, March 14, 2013

CA - Two Victories for California RSOL

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California RSOL has scored two victories in the cities of Simi Valley and Lancaster where city councils have agreed to relieve registrants from the burdens of sex offender ordinances passed in September 2012. The city of Simi Valley ordinance required registrants to post signs on the front door of their homes on Halloween while the city of Lancaster ordinance severely limited where registrants could live and visit.

These are two significant wins for CA RSOL,” stated Janice Bellucci, President of California RSOL. “In both cities, the civil rights of registrants have been restored.”

The City Council of Lancaster unanimously approved the repeal of most of its sex offender ordinance — including all residency and presence restrictions — on March 12. The only provisions to remain in that ordinance relate to the celebration of Halloween. The City Council of Lancaster must give final approval to its decision on March 26.

The City of Simi Valley approved revisions to its ordinance in a private settlement agreement after a federal district court blocked the city’s requirement to post signs on Halloween last year. The revised ordinance in that city is similar to the revisions adopted in Lancaster on March 12. For example, registrants are prohibited from answering the door to trick-or-treaters, however, others living in the same home may do so.

Despite the victories in these two cities, there are more than 200 city and county ordinances remaining in the state of California,” Bellucci stated. “California RSOL will continue its efforts to remove all ordinances that violate the state and federal constitutions by infringing upon the civil rights of registrants.”

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