Friday, March 8, 2013

CA - Sex offender reveals why child molesters cut their GPS bracelets

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One man doesn't speak for everyone!

This is just more of the usual media hysteria disinformation campaign. They interview one person and make it seem like all ex-sex offenders think like him, well, they do not. Why didn't you interview hundreds of ex-offenders who removed their GPS devices, then tell us what the majority said? Also, this is clearly a violation of probation / parole, and they have the power to send them back to prison, so new laws are not needed, not unless you are a politician who is trying to help yourself look like you are doing something!


By Mike Luery

WOODLAND (KCRA) - In an exclusive interview with KCRA 3, a convicted sex offender revealed child molesters have no fear of going back to prison after cutting their GPS tracking devices.

"Yeah, it's 30 days in a county jail. It's a slap on the wrist to them," said Will, who was convicted of child molestation.

Will is employed in Yolo County, and asked KCRA 3 not to reveal his full name, for fear of losing his job.

Will has been wearing a GPS tracking device on his ankle ever since he was released from prison in October 2011.

He served eight years behind bars after being convicted on drug and sex-offender charges.

"Do I consider myself a child molester anymore? Absolutely not," Will told KCRA 3.

Will said he is clean and sober now, after years of drug and alcohol abuse.

The low point came in 1995, when he molested a 5-year-old.

While charges were pending against him, Will fled to Arizona and lived there for eight years before he turned himself in to authorities.

"I made a bad judgment call. I was very amped up on methamphetamine," Will told KCRA 3. "Most child molesters make these mistakes because they were either victims themselves, or they were extremely high on drugs or alcohol."
- This may be true for some, but it's not true for many others.  Again, it's one mans opinion.

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Mark said...

Yes in deed. The media in my view is solely interested in RATINGS. Thus, the motivating factor is viewership thus, you get articles and video news stories like the above. Now, how many thousands are going to believe this one interview is "Gospel," for all offenders? The media is truly the tool of the government for major propaganda folks.

Loneranger said...

It look like an obvious choice to make it a felony and in some cases a life sentence if your goal is to fill up the prisons. When they are talking about thousands of cases where this happens how many more do we want to lock up for life? Frankly this is a parole violation and yes they need to follow the rules to stay out of prison. However if they are cutting and running they have already violated the rules of their parole. So extra laws are not necessary to send them back if deemed appropriate. to make it a felony to somehow insure they will always follow the law isn't going to do that. it will only make it where parole officers and the court's hands will be tied once again and they will be forced into an obligation to house and feed them for not following the rules. More of a expense for the state then the feel good law would be worth. the fact that tracking someone all the time is over rated as the magic bracelet tell's if a person may have been at the scene of a crime that was reported. it didn't stop the crime. If someone is going to commit a crime it is up to them. They will make that choice with or without a bracelet. To remove it only says they are not willing to follow the rules. In these cases it's not just cutting off the bracelet it maybe many rules they are breaking. All a condition of release. the idea that this is the only thing that they might be doing and the only thing there are sanctions of maybe ten to 30 days in county is ridiculous as any violation can result in the same sanction. they are trying to look at this as some kind of escape as in escape from prison. It is not the same. this would be equal to absconding and yes that is already a chargeable offence. for some reason they are not considering that or the sanction is the same. Even after all the tracking and reporting and hoops to jump through when the final day rolls around and the system can no longer hold on they are free. On that day they are no longer under any oversight or sanctions. On that day they are like anyone else on the street. Are they someone different on that day? Nope just another day to them except they no longer have the need to report or follow some arbitrary rule. Pay fee's for this as long as they can charge them and then make them pay or go back to jail. but the moment time runs out and they must be released it is all different then. always makes me wonder how much of this is for the good of society and how much is just a system to extort money. but until this is no longer profitable as they want to make laws to lock them all up for life. the question will be. do we make a little money on charging them to wear a bracelet and just turn our head when they don't or make it a felony and insure it will be a very costly venture for everyone involved. Maybe this slap on the wrist isn't such a bad idea after all.