Thursday, March 7, 2013

CA - San Diego County Launches Sex Offender Email Notification System

We left the following comment on the video which is still waiting to be approved, which we doubt will be, so we are posting it here.

"So when can we get alerts for murderers, gang members, drug dealers / users, thieves, DUI offenders and all other ex-felons who are more likely to commit another related crime?

If it's good enough for one group, it should be done across the board, in our opinion, but we all know it's just fodder for politicians, the media and victims organizations to use to help their own careers or organizations."

1 comment :

Loneranger said...

wow they have made it so easy. Now a vigilante can have an entire list to play with. Printed out and ready to go. Have they lost their minds or what? Mostly or what as the ones doing this have the big smiles and how they have done this for the children. will they care when someone is targeted? Will they care if a child is somehow caught in the crossfire as a result of this? probably not but remember if it saves just one child it's worth the carnage to do so.