Sunday, March 17, 2013

CA - Requesting Plaintiffs for Civil Rights Suit in Santa Ana, CA

The following was sent to us via the contact form and posted with the users permission. The name has been abbreviated for their own protection.

The following is an appeal by the California Reform Sex Offender Laws organization. We are trying to get plaintiffs for a civil rights suit against the Santa Ana Police Department. The organization president has approved the following text for release:

Are you a registered sex offender in the city of Santa Ana, California? The staff at California Reform Sex Offender Laws would like to contact you to discuss your experiences during your annual registration in the city of Santa Ana including but not limited to requirement to wear a prison uniform, registration in the city jail, and/or inability to leave during the registration process.

  1. Required to register on California Megan's Law (PDF) as per California Statute 290
  2. Required to register at the Santa Ana Police Department

ALL contacts with California RSOL are confidential and will NOT be reported to any other authority nor entity at ANY stage of our interviewing process. To arrange for an interview, please call 805-896-7854 or send a message through our contact form on our website contact page. You can also mail us at the following address:


8721 Santa Monica Blvd., Box 855

Los Angeles, CA 90069-4507

Help make the city of Santa Ana safer for registrants. Thank you.

Please call 805-896-7854 if you wish to verify before publication. Thanks.


g4change said...

Janice Bellucci is AWESOME! I hope she and her clients sue the you-know-what out of Santa Ana and win BIG!!!!

SOIssues said...


Priapus said...

That settles it. I've looked for a reliable place to donate money and this org is it. Even better than the ACLU.